Client story


Julie is 63. She has one daughter and three grandchildren. She previously worked as Head of Customer Services for a major retail bank before retiring in 2005.

Why did you decide to work with Barrington Hamilton?

After 20 years of marriage my husband left. It was a complicated divorce and when my solicitor requested an actuarial report, it was so unwieldy, he approached John at Barrington Hamilton to simplify it so that I could properly understand it.

The divorce was finalised in May 2012 and I received a settlement which was a substantial amount of money. I was suddenly on my own with a sum of money, but with no idea what I needed to do with it. I realised that I needed financial advice, so I asked my solicitor for an introduction to John.

How did we help?

Having been through quite a traumatic time, I needed to work with someone I felt comfortable with. I knew within a few minutes of meeting John that he was the right person to help me.

I’ve entrusted John to do everything and he has! He’s helped me to decide how my money is invested and when I should take my pension. He also helped when I came to buy my new home.

What’s been the benefit for you?

Now, I’m enjoying my retirement and don’t regret taking it early at all. I’m heavily involved with my grandchildren and look after them 2-3 days a week. I enjoy going on holiday and spending time with my friends.

The biggest thing John has given me is peace of mind. I wouldn’t have managed without him. Now, I’m pleased to count him and his wife Lee as two of my closest friends.


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