About us

Why choose us?


We know that we’re not the right fit for everyone. Our focus is on working with clients who seek an ongoing, long-term trusted partnership with a financial planner.

So, if you want someone who genuinely cares about you and your family and is focused on you achieving the best life possible from your wealth, then we would love to hear your story.

We should also mention that we’re:

Staunchly independent

By not being tied to any particular providers, we can recommend the most suitable products and providers to meet your financial goals.


Committed to doing the right thing

If the right thing to do is nothing, then that’s what we’ll do. We’ll never suggest you do something because we want to earn a fee.


Local and flexible

We’ll work around you to meet where and when you prefer. With a base in Horsham, we work with clients throughout the South East.



We’ve honed our expertise to provide the greatest value to those who’re either planning retirement, retired, divorcing or business owners.


Fancy a chat?

We’d love to hear your story and find out what you want the next chapter to be.