Client story


Carole is 54 and works part-time at a local NHS hospital. She enjoys walking her dog, yoga, Pilates, amateur dramatics, singing, travel and photography. Carole separated from her husband three years ago and they are currently in the process of divorcing.

Why did you decide to work with Barrington Hamilton?

My husband was always in charge of our finances, so when we separated, I quickly realised that I would need help from a financial planner. My solicitor recommended a couple of people, but I knew from the moment I spoke to John that I would feel more comfortable working with him.

How did we help?

At the time of the separation, I was completely out of my depth and not in the right mindset to deal with the decisions I had to make. As my (ex) husband is very financially savvy, it was good to have someone trustworthy on my side. I’m sure that the financial settlement that we arrived at is far better than I could have achieved without financial advice.

John has been very supportive, acting as an intermediary between myself and the solicitor. Once the financial settlement comes through, I can trust John to help me make the right decisions on what to do with it.

What’s been the benefit for you?

At a time when my life was taken in a completely unexpected direction, I didn’t know who to trust. But I knew that I could trust John and that gave me peace of mind. He’s dependable, and always does what he says he will. He’s definitely a good person to have on your side!

I now plan to do a lot more travelling, making new friends and continuing my love of photography. One of my dreams is to see the gorillas in Rwanda and I’m confident that with John’s financial advice and guidance, I’ll make it happen.


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